Like most of his songs, this one too is going to strike a controversial note. Punjabi singer Shubdeep Singh Sidhu Moosewala latest track SYL the first to be released after his death is sure to touch a raw nerve with its talk of the water dispute, undivided Punjab, 1984 Sikh riots, Sikh militants, Sikh prisoners, and Sikh flag hoisting at the Red Fort during the farmer agitation.

Singer Sidhu Moose Wala's song "SYL" was released on his YouTube channel this evening, weeks after his death. The song, released by his team on his official YouTube channel, amassed over one million views within an hour of its release.

SYL, written and sung by Moose Wala, is the first song to be released after his death. The Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) canal issue, Punjab's right over river waters, and Sikh prisoners languishing in jails are among the issues highlighted in the song.

The song was released a day after it was leaked on Wednesday, days after an appeal by Moose Wala's family to all music producers that they should not share or release any of his unfinished tracks with anyone except his father, Balkar Singh.

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